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Government Computer Emergency Response Team (G-CERT)


The Government Computer Emergency Response Team (G-CERT) is established to be responsible for the handling and management of incidents related to IT security and networking system developed by various government organizations according to the government’s policies to stimulate enhanced collaboration between the public and private sectors, while fostering a strategic alliance between different agencies to increase the level of IT security as well as reduce risks of cybercrime.


Commitments and Responsibilities of G-CERT

  • Coordinate on incidents related to IT security, networking systems, and cybercrime, respond urgently to all circumstances related to national and international security, and provide productive suggestions for the progress of IT security.  
  • Provide evaluation summaries on IT security-related incidents occurring to any government agency and disseminate the obtained information for public acknowledgement. 
  • Offer continuing support for the maximization of competency of both public and private sectors to be prepared for the handling, management, and elimination of cybercrime and other IT problems.
  • Arrange training programs to ensure greater knowledge of IT security to encourage the employment of local IT experts instead of those from foreign nations.
  • Generate effective development for IT security and government-based networks that can be developed and operated in a similar manner.
  • Be considered as one of the key government organizations with genuine competency and expertise in handling and managing of cybercrime and information warfare that can severely affect national security.
  • Create collaborative action towards IT security among different government agencies both inside and outside Thailand as well as certain other private companies.


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